UK women to maintain haircare spend, but want easycare looks

A survey of 400 women by Unilever’s All Things Hair content brand showed 39% of women now wear a low-maintenance style to “guard against future salon closures”คำพูดจาก Game Casino. They’re opting for layers, long fringes and ‘lobs’. And 34% plan to spend more on products.It said Covid-19 has “taught us to be self-sufficient in multiple ways, including when it comes to hair. With salons closed, women across the UK have been cutting, colouring and styling at home like never before”.

Some 33% of respondents had tried a new hairstyle that they styled themselves during lockdown, as well as the 39% now opting for low-maintenance styles.Steven Westgate, Global Managing Editor at All Things Hair, said that over a third of respondents also said they would spend more money on products than they did pre-lockdown. “This could be because they’ve got more time since working from home and have been able to focus on long-term benefits as a way of self-care,” he explained.The survey also showed that 72% of UK women intend to spend the same or more on their hair products, rather than cutting costs. UK Editor Bethany Strong added that this “suggests a move away from spending on in-salon treatments going forward, in favour of more at-home care”.
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